! De revolutionibus !

! De revolutionibus !

it (2010) is a repetition of famous nicolai copernicus work entitled the same * de revolutionibus * from which a word * revolution * has taken its origin % an interactive animation simulates a celestial sorrounding in a modern manner with six planets% a user has two possibilities % one is to observe the motion of objects ! their constant drifting apart from each other which has durability of thousands years when they will come back to start point position % second is to engage with the set which will cause an aggregation of enthropy but would give an experience of harmony in relation to the notion founded by greeks about spheres %


the work was exhibited at Producers of Contexts in a Face of Changes group exhibition at Spi┼╝ 7 in Gdansk in 2010

you may display the work through swf emulators e.g. with cloud google util

direct hyperlink to data& De revolutionibus