! anagram !

an ecological and postmedia piece (2009) placed within a city but outside urban environment ! into the trees % followed by the intuition i started to read founded place because of their stumps of burned ones % i had imagined the thounders which burnt down trees and people % i had consider also a possibility of burried soldiers under the ground % from so called database of letters primarily devoured to compose polish slogan ^ Investements Stop ^ i arranged a circle and then desomposed it to game with words and enframe a sunlike image % anagramatical method of meaning ! lexicon generation in relation to computer based generative works brought sinister ! truncated message & ^I am cobing thys village^ %

the piece was exhibited during Hidden Festival which took place in two galleries BWA Zielona Góra and BWA Studio Wrocław and also on the third edition was dispersed through different cities of Poland

hyperlink to documentation& anagramfilezi