! cyborgsects-t@lk !

a digital object (2016) where main actresses are mutations of human ! machine and insects % the origin for graphical representation were faces of two women models ! stephanie seymour and karen mulder % inspiration to create such mutations were cyborgs seen in japan comic books and images of insects ! especially mosquito which may spread malaria ! all searched in encyclopedias and internet data bases % internet application made by using html 5! php and css where all parts are intermingled % in process of the work creation i found usefull Individigital font designed by roland hüse % the work ironically relates to artifitial intelligence research % the basis for generated talkens are source codes of two artistic<>literacy magazines ! rita baum and Ha!art % the object is controllable by mouse clicking on different parts of cyborgsects heads % nouns which are presented in the title refer to mutation and section as in surgical cut and to electronic based talk with internet connection aid %

the work issued in techsty& techsty
and was exhibited during Permutations Festival in CKIS Wieza Cisnien in Konin ! 2020

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