! dendrite-in !

dendrite-in (2021) is a trisensous millieu which applies a light arrangement ! a simulation of nature and technology elements ! uses hearing ! touch and vision in an aspect which immerses the user % the work raises a presence of text in cyberspace in relation to such phenomena as kinetic art ! op-art ! sculpture ! enivronment ! panorama and also electronic industrial music % an digital object was created mainly with an aim to be in transition between VR gogles and mobile phones % the third version dedicated to desktop computers ! pc*s ! mac os but without being append to linux software ! reduces a perspective but all enlisted varations have their own allure % the presented space has a quality to be played ! has its own mediation which helps to build an outline of an action % nonetheless we have stopped for a moment and wait for a waiter with special dish ! in a barely postapocaliptic settlement ! if even so ! without a corpse %

the 0.21 version was exhibited at exhibition word % image % plantation in torun at wozownia in 2021 through Oculus and during Codes and Affordances exhibition at Institute of Cybernetic Art ! Gdansk in 2021 with VR One

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