! Hasard à rebours !

trisensory application (2012) which serves as a gambling machine to reverse and subverse the order of language ! la parole numérique % it may functions as metaphor of a risk culture with a computer-strengthened stock exchange which provokes a question in what game the neural networks play with us % man could say that spin ! quantum and phisical is the fortune wheel % it consists of three parts with different speeds and sets of sound loops % there are synthetic words realated to roulette ! sonoristic signals and percussion noises % the final version is imperfect because of a few not-functioning features %

videointerpretation &

the work was exhibited at BWA during Open Source Art in Sopot in 2012

you may display the work through swf emulators e.g. with cloud google util

direct hyperlink to data& Hasard à rebours